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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Brainstorming ideas for essays

How to brainstorm ideas for an essay?

To write an essay, we need a topic. These topics are to be chosen wisely as it judges the credibility of an essay. 

However, topics are not always easy to write, it needs in-depth research and good quality content to write about. Similarly, a writer does run out of topics to write occasionally. In such situations, it gets difficult to choose a topic.

With this chaos around us, here are some of the simple yet effective ways to brainstorm ideas for an essay.

According to Osborn (1953), brainstorming is a technique by which a group attempts to find solution(s) to a specific problem by amassing ideas spontaneously. 

10 best ways for brainstorming ideas for an essay:

1.Mind mapping:
It is one of the easiest techniques used while brainstorming for ideas. A major idea is centralized which is branched into sub-topics. These sub-topics will further help in building ideas for writing an essay. Here is a link which explains more about mind mapping.

2.Word store:
From the word bank in the mind, take out several words which can be fit to write as a topic. This technique is helpful as it has dual advantages; it improves the vocabulary and lets fresh ideas come in for writing an interesting essay.

3.Noting down things that are noticed easily:
Also known as jotting down the points, this method helps in getting more ideas for an essay. While an idea is being brainstormed, there is a flow of thoughts that occurs. In such situation whatever come to mind must quickly be noted down so that a good topic can be chosen to write.

4.Asking more questions to mind:

Words like “How?”, “When?”, “Why?”, “Where?” should be used to trigger topics. These words will help in putting forth a thought for deeper thoughts. When questions are asked to the mind, great ideas are generated.

5.Focus on a theme:
One of the interesting ways to brainstorm ideas for an essay is to focus on a theme. Themes are the possible ways which gather more topics to write. A theme can be anything from fiction, non-fiction or a realistic experience. The very idea of starting an essay is to set a theme for.
Setting the theme at the stage of choosing a topic will  give quality essay. 

6.Think about a positive experience which might help in getting ideas:
While brainstorming, there might be some personal experiences that cross the mind; because of flow of thoughts. Such experiences might be helpful to find a good topic to write on.

7.Think about different genres:
When there are no topics to think of, a broader method must be taken. Whenever an essay is written, writing .the background or genre is to be given importance. Based on the type of genre chosen, the writing style differs.

For example, a tragic story needs to be written in an informal with more narration added to it. There can a genre which requires more writing.If a genre is taken up as a base, then more topics can be found to write upon.

8.Thinking outside the box:
Everybody have their boundaries set; within them. When the limits are experimented with respect to finding topics, there might be wonderful ideas that can be generated.
Thinking outside the box will help to increase the thinking capacity thereby diminishing the limits which tie the mind.  

9.Take help of old writings to create new ideas:
This is one of the good ways to create new topics, revisiting the old articles written and trying to brainstorm for new ideas.
It is easier to find good topics which will help in writing better with the better experience from the old articles written.

10.Using visuals:
As they say, a picture can depict thousand words. Though content is very important, sometimes visuals helpin expressing more.
While brainstorming ideas for essay also, these visuals can be helpful. Pictures, graphs can induce ideas to write upon.

Things to consider while brainstorming ideas for essays:

Relax your mind:
To write well, there must be peace of mind. If the mind is boggled with confusion or hassle, good topics will not come across. Hence mind must be relaxed; which can be done by meditating or closing the eyes for some time.

Create a space and time for brainstorming:
To bring out great ideas, space and time must be allotted. This allows thinking well about ideas for a topic.

Take breaks if necessary:
Taking breaks in between the brainstorming sessions will help in refreshing the mind. Going for a walk or similar exercises will help in relaxing.

Think of reader’s perspective to write well:
The purpose of writing an essay is to inform readers with informative content. Thus topics should be chosen keeping reader’s perspective in mind will keep readers hooked onto the content. 

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