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Thursday, 4 May 2017

How to write an article review?

How to write an article review easily?

What is an article review?
It is critically analyzing a work. In other words it is reviewing an already written article. It gives a summary to the article. The review articles are written by professionals who are experts in their respective fields.

Elements of an article review:

1.Title: Title plays an important while an article review is being written. It gives the reader an idea on what exactly is the topic about. It is necessary to title it appropriately as it makes or breaks the readability.

2.Focus on the main point: Every write-up will have crucial points which need to be discussed. These crucial points must be discussed so that brings the main point into limelight this focusing on the key aspects of the topic.

3.Thesis statement: All the article reviews must include thesis statement which will allow to brief up the main idea in a few sentences. Thesis statement is one such component which will help in building link to other section of the write-up.

4.Evidence/support statements: A critique is an evaluative point made on the already written write-up. An article review is one such write-up which must be reviewed using evidences and support statements.
Including these statements will help in bringing about the necessary value to it. It is critical enough to source them properly to reputable sources.

5.Bibliography and references: Article reviews are the reviews written by professional or writers with extensive knowledge. Hence they always cite the resources that they have used while writing it. Including bibliography and references also discourages plagiarism.

Steps to write an article review

1.Write the focus point of a review article: There is no proper structure that an article review follows. But it definitely includes certain elements which makes it look organized. The primary thing to do is to focus on the main point that the article has to offer. Reviewing on the article becomes easy when the main idea is brought into broader light.

2.Have an introduction: Once necessary points are collected and the focused point is recorded, they must be organized into a proper structure. The first part of it is the introduction section.
This section must include the sentences which introduces to the topic. Thesis statement as mentioned earlier must be written in this section.

3.Write the main section: The main section must have all the points and the discussions or the reviews on the article. Necessary evaluation and analysis of the topic are to be included in this section.

4.Conclude the article:  The last section of an article review is the conclusion section. This section must synthesize and summarize the important points that were discussed throughout.

5.Cite the article: At the end, a section exclusively must be written to cite or refer the article. These must be the sources which were used while researching for the topic.

Tips to consider while writing an article review

1.To write an article review, focus must be given upon the topic and the way it has been presented.

2.Writing a review in an unbiased manner.

3.Be very sure to proofread the article before it is submitted for publishing.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

How to write a history essay

How to write history essay in simple steps

Often, we are given essays to write as an assignment. Every essay types are different from each other. History essay is such an essay which gives an evaluative text about the evidences that are brought together for summing up on a topic.

Here is an article which will have an insight about what is history essay and how to write it. Read along to follow more about it.

What is history essay?
History essay is an academic essay which has information about a topic from the past which is analysed in-depth to bring out essential factors and information about it. It is basically a magnified look on the issue which brought a huge change and the impact over the time period it happened.
It requires historical understanding and analytical mind to write on the topic that is chosen.

Characteristics of a history essay                 

1.History essay analyses an event, evaluates the issue and proceeds to provide to provide an evidence to it.

2.History must always be written with a quote added to it. The quote that is added must be discussed

3.History essay consists of thesis statement. This must be included to make sure that the topic which is being written gets the necessary readability and helps in linking different sections together.

Step by step guide to write a history essay

Step 1:Identify the question:  To write a history essay, the primary to remember is to identify the question. Knowing the question will help in drawing better conclusions for the essay. The aim is to bring clarity to the issue that is raised.

Step 2:Research for the topic: Once the topic is chosen, it must be researched properly. To research for the topic there are two kinds of evidences that must be used. They are primary sources and secondary sources.

1.Primary sources are the first hand witnesses

2.Secondary sources are the information which are evaluated by the historians
It is very important to approach the topic chosen in an appropriate manner so that the question that is taken up can be given complete justification.

Step 3:Plan the structure: After a topic is selected and necessary information are collected, it must be then planned into an organized structure. Structuring an essay is crucial as it gives the advantage of giving an essay a proper shape.
Usually an essay is structured into three sections; they are an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section.

Step 4:Write an introduction section:  An introduction section is the first section which should be included to introduce a topic. Along with the information, it must also contain hook statement and thesis statement. Including these statements will help in increasing the readability and build logical connectivity between the sections of an essay.

Step 5:Include a body section:  The next section after an introduction section is the body section. This section is considered the heart of an essay. Here all important arguments, its subordinating points must be mentioned.
A body section is written in paragraphs. They will usually have three or more paragraphs with each paragraph containing arguments and its subordinating points.

Step 6:Conclude the essay: The last section an essay is the conclusion section. Conclusion section must be written succinctly as every essay that starts well must end well.
Possible conclusion that can be drawn must be presented convincingly so as to suffice to the information that is already presented. 

Step 7:Edit and revise the essay: An essay gets completed when all the three sections are edited and revised. Editing is a stage of writing which must be performed appropriately. It is a process where the existing text gets modified according to the context; that is if further information is to added or information which is not required are discarded.
After editing, the next stage is to overlook on the essay or to revise it. Thus editing and revising will make it an essay with much more clarity than without it.

Step 8:Proofread the essay: The last stage to an essay is proofreading. Proofreading occurs at last so as to check some of the silliest and smallest errors that can make a great difference while it is getting publishing.
Proofreading is a tool which rectifies the mistakes which went unnoticed while it was being drafted and even while editing it.

Tips to consider while writing history essay

1.It is necessary to properly refer to the reputable references.

2.Try to avoid first person such as “I”, “we” as it is an academic writing.

3. The arguments to an essay must be clearly represented.

4.Generalizations must be avoided.

5.It is encouraged to write in the active voice which will give more clarity to the write-up and reduce complexity.  

Example topic for a history essay

1.American woman in world war II

2.The history of AIDS

3.Impact of Buddhism over the world

4.The great depression


Friday, 21 April 2017

How to write a formal essay

What are the simple ways to write a formal essay?

Essay is a piece of writing which is used to express opinions and thoughts. There are types of essays which includes various subjects and various topics. One such type is a formal essay.

What is a formal essay?
Formal essay is a type of essay which deals with writing facts, statistics rather than revealing personal experience. It is also known as academic writing.

These kinds of essays are usually given as assignments and project submissions. Formal essays tend to focus on a particular theme or an idea. How to write a formal essay? What are the best elements that must be included in it to make it the best essay? Here is an article that follows some best tips on writing a formal essay.

Best tips to write a formal essay

1.Avoid the use of informal words: The first step to write the best formal essay is to avoid using informal words. Informal words are the words which are used in essay which include personal experiences, anecdotes and other descriptive elements.
Follow this link which will help you in identifying some of the common essay terms that can be utilized while writing.

2.Avoid using contractions: Another characteristic of a formal essay is that it avoids the use of contractions.
Contractions are the words which are shortened version of a word which are used while writing commonly. Words such as should not, cannot, will not are contracted to shouldn’t, can’t, won’t. This practise of avoiding contractions will hamper the quality of the essay. It is considered formal avoid such contractions.

3.Inclusion of arguments:  Arguments are the most important element of an essay. They provide support to the facts and information that are presented. Arguments are included in the body section of an essay.
Arguments are the sentences which are the extension of the thesis statement which further has subordinating points to confer to the topic being discussed. It is essential to have strong arguments so that it uplifts the quality of an essay.

4.Use of vocabulary:  As discussed above, formal essay must have the use of carefully chosen words. Words can be used referring to thesaurus and dictionaries. Care must be taken not to use overrated words as it might make the essay complex to understand.

5.Use of thesis statement: Another important element of a formal essay is the thesis statement. Thesis statement is a statement which builds link between sections of essay.
It must be included in introduction section which should be continued in rest of the sections. These are like anchors which hold on to the ship. The whole essay must be tied together using thesis statement.

6.Use of transitional words and sentences: There are set of transitional words and sentences which connects each section together. These words must be included in the formal essay.
It is necessary to add them so that the connectivity that flows throughout the essay remains intact. Hence careful words must be chosen to build link.

7.Writing must be simple to understand:  It is misconception that using high-end English language will glorify their essay. But the fact is that people tend to read the complete write-ups which are written using simple language. It is advised to use language which is simple and easy to understand.

8.Have a structure to your essay: An essay is complete only when it is written in a systematic format. Every essay follows a format which must be adhered. Similarly a formal essay includes an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section.

9.Express without being biased:  It is important to express facts and statistics in a formal essay without being biased.

10.Write in a standard formatting style: There are standard formatting styles such as APA,MLA, and Harvard. These must be well utilized as it organizes the essay in a proper format. All colleges and universities accept the papers which follow specific formatting style.

11.Refer to reputable sources: Academic writing includes information from reputable resources. These reputable resources must be referred to as it is a good practise of keeping records as well avoiding plagiarism.

12.Include topic sentence: A topicsentence is an introductory line that start in every paragraph. These sentences must be included in a formal essay so that it makes the essay more readable.

13.Create an outline for the essay: Perhaps considered as achieving a milestone, an essay cannot be completed without creating an outline.
Creating an outline will help in building the essay in a proper way. Before writing the essay, it is necessary to build an outline thus making it easier to construct it.

14.Edit the essay: Once an essay is written, it must be edited. Editing is a stage of writing where additional information is added and unnecessary sentences and content are discarded.

15.Proofread the essay: The last stage of essay writing is the proofreading stage. This stage is significant as it involves correcting the essay for any minor or silly error which can cause an essay a great damage.

These are few of the tips assembled on how to write a formal essay 

Monday, 17 April 2017

How to write a book review

How to write a book review in easy steps?

What is a book review?
Most of the bibliophiles tend to read a book review first than reading the book. This practice should be well considered as the book review has all the necessary elements that will help in knowing about the book. Further book review helps in deciding whether to read the book or not.
The main reason of writing a book review is that it analyzes, evaluates and describes the content of a book chosen to review.
Writing a book review will help in having an insight on what you think about the book and the opinion that you have. It is important to present the author’s argument in a right manner while writing a book review.

What is the need of a book review?
1.It improves the writing skills.

2.It improves analytical skills and critical thinking.

3.Writing a reviews  will help in knowing the gist of the book.

Having said this, it is very necessary to write an optimum quality book review. How to write a book review in easy steps? Below are the steps that must be followed while writing a book review.

10 Simple tips to write a book review

1.Read the book critically: Before writing a book review, it is important to understand what the book is about. A book cannot be judged without reading it. Hence, the book that is chosen for writing must be critically read simultaneously noting down the entire important elements that it has.

2.Introduce the book  with an introduction: To begin the write-up, it must start with an introduction. Introduction section must start with catchy lines or hook statements. This section is primarily written in order to induce interest towards the book review.

3.Mention the good parts of the book: A review always consists of both good side and bad side. These must be mentioned without being biased. You must always remember to mention the good parts of the book and how it made an impact on the overall content of it.

4.Mention the bad parts of the book: There might be some bad parts in a book that you did not like. They must be mentioned too. This way, it lets the readers decide whether to give it a read or miss it.

5.Giving ratings to the book: The best way to review a book is to rate it. Rating allows in having a fair idea about the book, it is a common trait of a book review which must be included every time you write one.

6.Describe the theme of the book and its essence: There are few of the book reviews which stand out from others. The possible reason is that they include theme and essence of the book being reviewed.
This will have a huge impact on the readers and makes it easier for them to know more about it.

7.Comment on the writing style: Every writer has different writing style. It is worth every penny if the writing style can be identified (with practise of writing and critical reading, it is easy to identify the different approach towards writing). The identified writing style must be evaluated.

8.Start with few sentences about the book: As mentioned above, every book review must start with what the book is about and why did you choose to review it.

9.Write about the book in the body section: The body section of a book review must have the mention of what is the book about, how well it has been written, why should it be read and other important points among others.

10.Conclude with a conclusion: The last part of a piece of writing is the conclusion section. This section is important to wrap it up. Summarizing is always regarded to be the critical part which must be done with responsibility and clarity.

Things to be considered while writing a book review

1.It must be evaluative and analytical that it should recommend people to read it.

2.The length of the book review must be between 100-500 words.

3.Have a catchy title to attract readers.

4.It should not reveal the whole story, else readers will tend to miss the read as they will lose the interest in reading the book.

5.If it is a fiction work, the characters and the mainstream of the book must be discussed so that it will create interest.

6.You must present a strong and honest opinion about the book, what you liked, what you disliked about the book.

7.Proofread your book review twice or thrice to make sure it has no errors.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Best websites to buy research papers

From where can I buy research paper?

Research papers are very important aspect of college education. They come under formal writing; hence special procedure has to be followed while writing them. A professional guidance is required to complete the paper. There are several online essay writing service available which help in writing a research paper.

What are essay writing services?
Essay writing services are the websites which provides services such as writing essay, research proposal, thesis, journal, lab report etc.

There are few websites which help in writing a research paper from the scratch. They are:

To know more about these websites, click on the links available on top.

Best Websites to buy research paper


Lifesaveressays is a top rated website which specializes in writing research paper. They have been in the industry since many years and claim to be the best research paper writers.
With qualifies writers in their team, they make sure that they satisfy the client’s needs. The features of their service are listed below:

1.Original and plagiarism free content:
They guarantee to provide the best write-up to students who have ordered their papers from them. The content is written from scratch and goes through stringent plagiarism test to make sure there the content is unique in nature.

2.Cost effective service:
With great service comes great price to pay; parallel to this principle, Lifesaveressays provides ultimate service at minimal price. This feature lets students pay for optimum service for a less price.

3.Proofread content:
QA team of Lifesaveressays proofread the content so as to check if there are any errors found in the paper. It becomes necessary to achieve a high quality research paper.

4.On time delivery:
Their promise to deliver the order to clients on time is a proof for their commendable service that they provide. There is enough time left for revision because they provide the content on time.

5.Native writers:
Lifesaveressays hire writers who are graduated from US universities. This feature is useful as they understand the requirements of the universities and they adhere to the procedures followed by the respective universities.


It is very difficult to find a reliable service which provides best research paper. But Auassignmenthelp is one such website which stands out in providing the best service to its clients.
They focus on quality and professionalism and promote it in their service that they render. The features of their website are:

1.Original and unique content:
Research papers are meant to be written in a procedure and only unique and original content must be included. Auassignmenthelp provides this guarantee.

2.Proper reference ensured:
High quality research papers always have proper references. This leads to non-plagiarised content. They make sure that the research paper is listed with proper reference list, bibliography and other necessary references.

3.Money back option:
If the order does not satisfy that the clients receive, they have the money back option and it can be availed on delay in the order.

4.Comparably low cost:
They provide optimum service at a low cost. They understand the students concerns and concentrate more on the service than on the business.

5.Proofread content:
The content being delivered are proofread once by a special team of QA. This brings originality in the service they provide.


To overcome the shortcomings of writing a research paper, students must try sortmyassingment. This website provides well written and well structured research paper. Because of their prompt service, they are the top rated research paper writing services available online. Features of the website are:

1.Efficient writers:
Efficient writers from prominent universities write the research paper. These are skilled writers who write the paper from scratch.

2.24/7 service:
They provide 24/7 service via live chat support system or phone services. This real time response to student’s queries enhances the quality of their services.

3.Revision policy:
Only writers who have the ability to handle client’s requirements are chosen. Once the work is written, they go through series of changes as required by students. Client satisfaction is more important to them.

4.No hidden cost:
Fraudulent websites take the order at low cost but charge students with irrelevant charges which becomes a burden to them. But at sortmyassingment, they do not charge a penny extra once the order is taken.

5.On time submission:
Submitting the assignments on time to students is their special features; this entails trust on students to buy research papers from them.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

How to write a problem solution essay

How to write an outstanding problem solution essay

Problem solution essay is a type of an expository essay which helps the user to find a solution to a problem.
Whenever any help is required, we always find for multiple options and choose an optimum solution for it. We try to find solution(s) to a problem through internet, books, journals etc. The primary intention of writing a problem solution essay is to convince with the reader with an optimum solution. How to write a problem solution essay? What are the steps included? Follow this article to know more!

Elements of a problem solution essay 

1.Stating the problem: The first step in writing a problem solution essay is to state the problem. Solution can be given only when the problem is understood. Hence defining and analysing a problem becomes necessary.

2.Solution to the problem: The second element of a problem solution essay is to state a solution to the specific problem. Solution must be accurate and convincing so that it clears the problem that a readers has.

3.Convincing write-up: An essay with clear and write-up is required as it will give a solution to a specific  problem.

4.Thesis statement: Thesis statement is a very important element that will enhance the quality of an essay. To make it more reader approachable, thesis statement must be added in the introduction section.

5.Transitional sentences:  Transitional sentences helps in building a link to  the other parts of an essay. Such words, phrases must be added in an essay.
Few of the transitional words are:  Therefore, as a result, for this reason, In conclusion etc. 

Simple steps to write a problem solution essay 

1.Research for a topic: To write an essay, a topic must be decided. A problem solution essay too must have a related topic so that a clear solution can be provided.

2.Prepare an outline:  An outline must be prepared for writing a problem solution essay. An outline is a rough idea of how an essay must look.Check out the link here to know how to form an outline of an essay.

3.Research for information: After a brief outline is created, information for writing the content must be given importance. There are several resources from where information can be collected.

4.Write an introduction: The first section of an essay is the introduction section. Introduction section is a part which introduces a topic and catches reader’s attention. This must not include any explanation but a thesis statement with subtle introduction to it.

5.Include hook statements: Hook statements are the statements which are included in the introduction section. These sentences are written to attract readers to your essay and help in gaining interest towards it.

6.Include body paragraphs: The most important part of an essay is the body section. Body section must include two or more paragraphs which will state the solution(s) to a problem that is specified.

Each paragraph should have transitions so that there is continuity in the flow of information. Transitional sentences must be used to link these paragraphs.

7.Write a conclusion: Conclusion to an essay plays an important role. An effective conclusion which justifies the whole purpose of writing an essay should be written.
By this stage of an essay, the reader must be convinced with the solution that is provided.

Examples topics of problem solution essay

1.How to balance work life and personal life?

2.How to survive being alone in a city?

3.How to achieve optimism?

4.Effects of drinking habit and how to save yourself from it?

5.How to reduce weight? 

Thursday, 30 March 2017

How to write a critical essay

What are the effective ways of writing a critical essay?

What is a critical essay?
An in-depth analysis of a topic often leads to evaluating information, theories, posing questions, facing challenges to write and analyzing theories and its points. These together can be used to write to write a critical essay.
Critical essays must be supported with clear evidence and subordinating points so that the claims that are mentioned can be given the right justification. It requires scientific research and a reputable resource to back up the claim that is produced.

Characteristics of a critical essay:
1.It includes claims which will examine a situation circumstances and brings justice to it by providing proofs and evidence for it.

2.A critical essay can be both positive and negative based on the topic which is chosen.

3.Critical essay is more informative than just expressing opinions.

4.They have strong arguments supported by subordinate points.

5.It is an objective analysis of a topic or a subject which is chosen. Hence in-depth research and critical thinking is required.

6.Critical essay must have arguments which will be subject to both strengths and weakness of a topic that is chosen, hence critical analysis is required to bring out these elements into an essay.

7.Critical essay must have logical flow in it, as the main purpose of writing of writing it. 

Steps to write a critical essay:

1.Choose a topic: Such topic must be chosen which can be reviewed, evaluated so that it can be critically analysed. Being critical does not always mean to criticize, topics with both positive and negative approach can be chosen.

 2.Research for the topic: To write a critical essay, it is important to research on the particular topic. There are multiple reputable sources which can be used as resources.
The researched content must be critically read so that content can be formed accordingly.

3.Collect facts: Based on the information collected, they must now be analysed critically bringing important points on the front. Authors and the reputable sources must be cited as it is a critique on the original work.

4.Draw an outline: An outline must be presented before it could be written. Outlining allows in simplifying the process of writing an essay. Usually an outline contains an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section.

5.Writing the main content: Once an outline is created, there must be a background provided to the information. Each section which is divided must be sufficiently written with enough arguments and critical analysis to it.

 6.Introduction section: An introduction section must contain content which introduces an essay along with thesis statement.
It is a section which must not be elaborated but subtly providing information and engaging readers with the hook statements which should create interest for further reading.

7.Body section:  A body section is a section where the important and most critical content lies. It must have all the necessary arguments and supportive points so that topic which is being critiqued can be given the justification.
Body section must be divided into different paragraphs so that each paragraph can have its own arguments and supportive points. It is important to remember that weak claims or lame opinions are not encouraged to write.

8.Conclusion:  When the central idea of a topic is discussed and brought successfully, a conclusion section must highlight whole purpose of an essay at one go.
It must contain information which will broaden the idea about the topic which is being discussed. Care must be taken not to restate the thesis statement or an introduction section but synthesize it in a few sentences.

These are the steps through which a crtical essay can be written