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Thursday, 30 March 2017

How to write a critical essay

What are the effective ways of writing a critical essay?

What is a critical essay?
An in-depth analysis of a topic often leads to evaluating information, theories, posing questions, facing challenges to write and analyzing theories and its points. These together can be used to write to write a critical essay.
Critical essays must be supported with clear evidence and subordinating points so that the claims that are mentioned can be given the right justification. It requires scientific research and a reputable resource to back up the claim that is produced.

Characteristics of a critical essay:
1.It includes claims which will examine a situation circumstances and brings justice to it by providing proofs and evidence for it.

2.A critical essay can be both positive and negative based on the topic which is chosen.

3.Critical essay is more informative than just expressing opinions.

4.They have strong arguments supported by subordinate points.

5.It is an objective analysis of a topic or a subject which is chosen. Hence in-depth research and critical thinking is required.

6.Critical essay must have arguments which will be subject to both strengths and weakness of a topic that is chosen, hence critical analysis is required to bring out these elements into an essay.

7.Critical essay must have logical flow in it, as the main purpose of writing of writing it. 

Steps to write a critical essay:

1.Choose a topic: Such topic must be chosen which can be reviewed, evaluated so that it can be critically analysed. Being critical does not always mean to criticize, topics with both positive and negative approach can be chosen.

 2.Research for the topic: To write a critical essay, it is important to research on the particular topic. There are multiple reputable sources which can be used as resources.
The researched content must be critically read so that content can be formed accordingly.

3.Collect facts: Based on the information collected, they must now be analysed critically bringing important points on the front. Authors and the reputable sources must be cited as it is a critique on the original work.

4.Draw an outline: An outline must be presented before it could be written. Outlining allows in simplifying the process of writing an essay. Usually an outline contains an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section.

5.Writing the main content: Once an outline is created, there must be a background provided to the information. Each section which is divided must be sufficiently written with enough arguments and critical analysis to it.

 6.Introduction section: An introduction section must contain content which introduces an essay along with thesis statement.
It is a section which must not be elaborated but subtly providing information and engaging readers with the hook statements which should create interest for further reading.

7.Body section:  A body section is a section where the important and most critical content lies. It must have all the necessary arguments and supportive points so that topic which is being critiqued can be given the justification.
Body section must be divided into different paragraphs so that each paragraph can have its own arguments and supportive points. It is important to remember that weak claims or lame opinions are not encouraged to write.

8.Conclusion:  When the central idea of a topic is discussed and brought successfully, a conclusion section must highlight whole purpose of an essay at one go.
It must contain information which will broaden the idea about the topic which is being discussed. Care must be taken not to restate the thesis statement or an introduction section but synthesize it in a few sentences.

These are the steps through which a crtical essay can be written

Monday, 27 March 2017

How to write an evaluative essay

What are the steps to write an evaluative essay?

We as customers often go by reviews and feedbacks before purchasing something. Reviews have the power to change user’s mind into buying it or diminishing itself.

These kinds of writings that we find are usually called as evaluative essay. As they include judgment on the basis of an object hence are called evaluative essays.

Another example of evaluative essays are the surveys, polls and the questions which provoke readers to decide on something which is being discussed. 

Characteristics of an evaluative essay

1.Should be specific:  Evaluative essay must always be specific. Evaluations while writing a review, for example must stand to the point on which an opinion is formed. Deviating or cross opinions about the evaluation produced will lead to a weak essay.   

2.Should form an opinion: As said above, when evaluations are drawn, there must opinions formed mandatorily. This will help the readers in standing by what is written thus provoking feed thoughts about it. 

3.It must evaluate something:  As the name suggests an evaluative essay must evaluate something which will make it an interesting essay.

4.To turn an opinion into evaluation, criteria is required: To make it more realistic, these evaluations which are drawn and created should be provided with criteria.

Steps to write an evaluative essay

1.Choose a topic: To start writing an evaluative essay, a topic must be chosen which is evaluative so that it can be evaluated properly.

2.Prepare an outline for the essay: Once a topic is chosen to write, then an outline must be created to bring up a shape to it. Outlining is nothing but preparing a basic plan for writing the essay further.

3.Research for the points which should be convincing: Researching for the topic is very much important as it is the main source of content to be written.

4.Thesis statement: Evaluative essay must formulate a certain opinion which must last till the essay finishes and even after that. To do this, a thesis statement must be created.

This thesis statement which is created must bind the whole essay together hence it is crucial to add thesis statement which also acts as an evaluative statement. 

5.Evidence is required: when something is being evaluated, an evidence is most required which will help in providing enough proof for the point that is to be proved.

6.Inclusion of elements to form a structure: The above mentioned elements must be included in a structure which normally includes introduction, body, and conclusion. This will to good quality essay.

7.Introduction section: This section must contain a thesis statement which should be well-connected to a body section. Introductory paragraph usually contains a subtle start which will then continued by a hook statement.

8.Body section: This section must be continued after an introductory statement, which will have transitional statement. Body section should have arguments which will support the evaluations that are presented.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

How to write an essay draft?

What is drafting and how to draft an essay? 

Drafting is a piece of writing which helps in completing an essay. It is a rough work that leads to a final draft or an essay. It is very important to formulate an essay by drafting it first which will help in defining the content in a better manner. Keywords or main words must be used which can then be expanded further.

Drafting an essay is all about putting ideas on to the plate and writing them accordingly. This draft, later on, can be revised by filtering out the necessary information. Here it is to be noted that the rough piece of work has to be written which is subject to change.

Important elements required while writing the first draft

1.Listing out ideas for writing: The first element that needs to be considered while drafting an essay is to list out ideas so that those ideas can be further developed as a final draft. Rough ideas can lead to a complete write-up.

2.Thesis statement: This is one of the important elements which will help in building an essay. Thesis statements are the statements which engage the readers to continue reading the essay and producing content which should be presentable enough.

3.Hook statements: To hook the reader to an essay, hook statements must be included. These statements must be included in the introduction section which should grab reader’s attention thus making it an important element.

4.Introduction section: When a draft for an essay is being crafted, it must be divided into three parts namely, an  introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section.

Introduction section must have information presented in a subtle manner. This section must give readers the interest to read further by giving little information to the topic which is being written.  

5.Body section: The second part of the division of a draft is a body section. The body section of an essay must contain important “meat” of content. All the necessary information that is intended to provide must be present here.

6.Conclusion: The last part of an essay is the conclusion section which is critical enough to end it. Conclusion section must give justification to the content that is present. It is important to understand that opinion that is formed in the whole must be upheld by the conclusion with even more strength added to it. 

6 simple steps to draft an essay

1.Plan on what has to be written: Before writing a draft an essay,  there must be a plan to write it. Thus necessary elements as mentioned above must be outlined before they are written.

2.Divide the draft into introduction, body and a conclusion section: Once all the materials, elements which are required to write a draft are present, they must be now divided into parts to write them easily.
A draft must be divided into an introduction section, a body section,and a conclusion section. This will help in building logic and a flow in the essay.

3.Insert thesis statement: Inserting thesis statement in the introductory part which will engage the reader to hook on to continue reading.

4.Include a body section:  Body section must be included which will have major information filled in it. This must have necessary elements while it is written such as arguments, its supporting points, references for reputable sources and suitable cohesive points.

5.Logical flow: There must be logical flow within an essay which is divided into section. Each section must have transitions so that there is a smooth flow.

6.Importance for the conclusion: Conclusion must be drafted at last which will have a huge impact on the readers. Opinion which is formed in an essay must continue till it ends that is in the conclusion section. 

Things to avoid while drafting

1.Do not try write an essay like a final version. Try writing a draft which can be molded according to the information filled.

2.Do not focus on the grammar and sentence structure as they can be revised while re-drafting.

3.Detailing is not required here as it can be included it is revised

These are few of the tips that should be taken into consideration while drafting an essay

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Is buying essay online illegal?

Is it wrong to buy essays online? 

The internet has changed the way people used to communicate. From shopping to dealing with business; now everything is online.

Demand for buying essays online has also increased the speed of the internet. With the fine line between cheating and taking help, a question mark appears if it is illegal to buy essays?

Why buying essays online is not considered illegal

The main concern for any essay that is to be submitted in any university is the originality. It is treated as plagiarism if it harms the rules of uniqueness.

     1. It is not illegal to buy essays online because students are paying for the content that is being written. Therefore they have complete rights on the write up that is being written for them.

2.It becomes plagiarism if the work is copied from somewhere or stolen from somebody. Here the essays are bought .Hence there is no question of illegal activity of buying an essay.

When the service is to be used as a reference and not the final work:
According to the policy mentioned by the essay writing service, it becomes necessary to understand that the work that is bought by the students is to be used by them as a reference.
But most of the students fail to understand this and submit the work as the final draft, hence leading to plagiarism. It is encouraged and urged to use them for further reading process and creating their own work.

It is not cheating to take help from professionals:
Everybody seeks for help from somebody who is more experienced and skilled in the particular field. In essay writing service too, students are being helped to write better essays.
There is an option to revise the work, where the student with the writer amends the draft for the better purpose. This not only lets the student learn from it, but also teaches to write them better.

The afterwards of the essay being sold:
It is a responsibility of the essay writing services to submit the work to the student with complete perfection. Once the assignment is given, it becomes the student’s responsibility to use it properly.

It becomes illegal if the same work is submitted to other clients as a subject to plagiarism.

Maximum benefit for secondary language speakers:
English being a global language, it is important to learn it. It becomes difficult for the non native students. For such students, essay writing services are a boon. They help in completing their assignments assisting them with using proper words. The whole purpose of it is to help them good knowledge on the subject and pass with good grades.
It is illegal if the whole work is submitted as theirs; instead it must be used only as a reference for final work to be submitted.
Adhering to confidentiality:
Owing to confidentiality policy, the client’s information is not revealed anywhere by the particular websites.
It becomes illegal if any information related to the students (such as their name, place and the essays that they have ordered)is leaked to third party.

Improves the writing skills:
The essay writing services help the students in providing the material to complete their assignments. This guideline only increases the ability of the students to increase their writing skills.
It completely becomes the responsibility of the students to use them adhering to rules and not use them for their final submission.

Considering these valid points it is ethical to use the essay writing services. The only thing which is of top concern is the right use of the service that is being offered. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Formatting an essay into APA style

How to format an essay into APA style?

A research paper or an essay which is formatted well with the help of standard reference style stands out from the rest because it uniformly brings information together for enhanced readability.  

APA and its importance:
America Psychological Association (APA) reference style is one such standard writing style adopted by many universities. It includes all the necessary manuals required to format a paper. It is recognized one among the best reference style because of the quality that it sustains.

A method to write research papers, it is a common style used as a template for subjects like social sciences.APA style is an attempt made to show something which is already proved.

Formatting an essay into APA style:
  •  Indentation: Indentation is required to format accordingly to bring clarity into the paper which is written.It is important to have good readability the way content has significance.In APA reference style, each paragraph is indented with half an inch flushed from the left margin. There should also be double space throughout the document.
  •  Margins: The page must have a margin of 1 inch left from each side of the paper that is left, right, top, bottom.
  •  Spacing: Each paragraph must be separated with a space for better understanding. Double spacing is encouraged in APA style.
  • Paper size: Paper size must be 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • Font: The content must have 12 pts as its font size and font can be Arial or Times New Roman. This will make it look presentable.
  • Page numberings:
            1.Page number must be flushed to the right
2.Numbering the pages is important to continue the readability without a break. 
3.Page number must appear on the top right of every page. 
4.Numerals like 1,2,3 must be used instead of Arabic numbers like I, II, III
  • Alignment: The alignment always should be fixed to the left margin of a page. It must never be justified which is a bad practice of formatting.

Sections of APA reference style:

The following are the elements that are used while writing a research paper using APA reference style:

1.Title:A title for a paper is as important as the content being written. From the beginning of the document which is prepared, there are page headers which should appear on top right of the page. Other important things to cover are:

1.It must include a Running head followed by a semicolon and then the title to be included. This must be flushed to the left of page. (Example: Running head: YOUR TITLE)

2.Title should never be underlined, italicized.

3.First letter and important words should be always capitalised.

4.A title should not end with a period.

2.Abstract: An abstract is condensed form of the whole paper being written. It summarizes the important ideas and major points which are to be explained further. Not more than 15-250 words, an abstract must be written filtering out main points as discussed further in paper.

Abstract must not contain any explanation hence should not contain any citation. It should be indented to center of the page.

3.Main Body: This section contains the main part of the paper. Here all the important content to be delivered. As per the guidelines of APA, it is suggested to use tables and graphs.

4.Headings: APA uses headings to separate information appropriately and connect them well. Each heading must contain individual information properly indented with other formatting necessary.            

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Brainstorming ideas for essays

How to brainstorm ideas for an essay?

To write an essay, we need a topic. These topics are to be chosen wisely as it judges the credibility of an essay. 

However, topics are not always easy to write, it needs in-depth research and good quality content to write about. Similarly, a writer does run out of topics to write occasionally. In such situations, it gets difficult to choose a topic.

With this chaos around us, here are some of the simple yet effective ways to brainstorm ideas for an essay.

According to Osborn (1953), brainstorming is a technique by which a group attempts to find solution(s) to a specific problem by amassing ideas spontaneously. 

10 best ways for brainstorming ideas for an essay:

1.Mind mapping:
It is one of the easiest techniques used while brainstorming for ideas. A major idea is centralized which is branched into sub-topics. These sub-topics will further help in building ideas for writing an essay. Here is a link which explains more about mind mapping.

2.Word store:
From the word bank in the mind, take out several words which can be fit to write as a topic. This technique is helpful as it has dual advantages; it improves the vocabulary and lets fresh ideas come in for writing an interesting essay.

3.Noting down things that are noticed easily:
Also known as jotting down the points, this method helps in getting more ideas for an essay. While an idea is being brainstormed, there is a flow of thoughts that occurs. In such situation whatever come to mind must quickly be noted down so that a good topic can be chosen to write.

4.Asking more questions to mind:

Words like “How?”, “When?”, “Why?”, “Where?” should be used to trigger topics. These words will help in putting forth a thought for deeper thoughts. When questions are asked to the mind, great ideas are generated.

5.Focus on a theme:
One of the interesting ways to brainstorm ideas for an essay is to focus on a theme. Themes are the possible ways which gather more topics to write. A theme can be anything from fiction, non-fiction or a realistic experience. The very idea of starting an essay is to set a theme for.
Setting the theme at the stage of choosing a topic will  give quality essay. 

6.Think about a positive experience which might help in getting ideas:
While brainstorming, there might be some personal experiences that cross the mind; because of flow of thoughts. Such experiences might be helpful to find a good topic to write on.

7.Think about different genres:
When there are no topics to think of, a broader method must be taken. Whenever an essay is written, writing .the background or genre is to be given importance. Based on the type of genre chosen, the writing style differs.

For example, a tragic story needs to be written in an informal with more narration added to it. There can a genre which requires more writing.If a genre is taken up as a base, then more topics can be found to write upon.

8.Thinking outside the box:
Everybody have their boundaries set; within them. When the limits are experimented with respect to finding topics, there might be wonderful ideas that can be generated.
Thinking outside the box will help to increase the thinking capacity thereby diminishing the limits which tie the mind.  

9.Take help of old writings to create new ideas:
This is one of the good ways to create new topics, revisiting the old articles written and trying to brainstorm for new ideas.
It is easier to find good topics which will help in writing better with the better experience from the old articles written.

10.Using visuals:
As they say, a picture can depict thousand words. Though content is very important, sometimes visuals helpin expressing more.
While brainstorming ideas for essay also, these visuals can be helpful. Pictures, graphs can induce ideas to write upon.

Things to consider while brainstorming ideas for essays:

Relax your mind:
To write well, there must be peace of mind. If the mind is boggled with confusion or hassle, good topics will not come across. Hence mind must be relaxed; which can be done by meditating or closing the eyes for some time.

Create a space and time for brainstorming:
To bring out great ideas, space and time must be allotted. This allows thinking well about ideas for a topic.

Take breaks if necessary:
Taking breaks in between the brainstorming sessions will help in refreshing the mind. Going for a walk or similar exercises will help in relaxing.

Think of reader’s perspective to write well:
The purpose of writing an essay is to inform readers with informative content. Thus topics should be chosen keeping reader’s perspective in mind will keep readers hooked onto the content. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Can someone write my essay?

Can I find somebody to help me with my essay?

Few common situations that all students can relate to are trying hard to meet the deadlines of completing assignments, researching on a topic to write essay, attending extracurricular activities.

Writing assignments are very important and carry great importance while pursuing education. Due to insufficient time, lack of techniques to write them, lack of subject knowledge, most students fail to score well in the term end.

To help them in such situations, there are online essay writing services are available. These services provide them with best solutions to their assignments problems. Students do get confused as to choose best essay writing service. With hundreds of essay writing websites, choosing a trusted one which has value for money is the main issue.

To the question, can someone write my essay, we here have an answer that there are few trusted essay writing service who can write the essay.

Based on the criteria mentioned below, an essay writing service can be chosen. 

On what basis can I choose somebody to write my essay?

1.Their unique and non-plagiarized content:
The main intention of buying essays online is to get good quality and non-plagiarized content. Those essay writing service must be chosen which does not fail to deliver the above said parameters.

 2.In depth research on topic:
Unique essays can be created only if they are well researched beforehand. Essays which contain unique information have the chances of standing out against rest of the essays.

3.Who have high academic qualifications:
Quality essays are written by professional writers. These writers must have high academic qualification. Academic writing requires more of in depth subject knowledge and subject expertise. 

Essay writing services hire PhD holders or master degree holders.

4. Reliable customer service:
Those essay writing service are prompt which have reliable customer service. Their real-time response to the doubts that arise in student’s mind is accountable for the best service.

5.Wide range of service:
Assignment writing differs from subject to subject. Different writings like lab report, dissertation, book review etc require different approach.

Writers who adapt to different approaches and use the right technique must be chosen.

6.Delivery on time:
Best service is the one which delivers the product on time. Essay writing services must always be ahead of time and provide students the assignments at the earliest.

7.Revision policy:
Best work is obtained with lots of changes, modification and adding or discarding information. Essay writing services hire such writers who can handle the client’s requirement.

Students can be rest assured that the work assigned to such expert writers will deliver high quality essay.

8.Adhering to reference style:
Universities demand perfection and specific requirements in the write-up. Best essay writing service has professional writers who write best content adhering to specific reference style. Examples of reference styles are APA, MLA, Oxford, Harvard etc.

9.Using reputable resources for citation:
Poor essays are those which have bad references and citations for the information used. The essential part of research papers is the sources through which information is extracted.

10.Proven experience in academic writing:
Good writers with proven experience in the specific subject area are hired by essay writing service, this will improve the quality of an essay being written.

These are the features of an essay writing service which are to be considered while buying an essay online.