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Thursday, 4 May 2017

How to write an article review?

How to write an article review easily?

What is an article review?
It is critically analyzing a work. In other words it is reviewing an already written article. It gives a summary to the article. The review articles are written by professionals who are experts in their respective fields.

Elements of an article review:

1.Title: Title plays an important while an article review is being written. It gives the reader an idea on what exactly is the topic about. It is necessary to title it appropriately as it makes or breaks the readability.

2.Focus on the main point: Every write-up will have crucial points which need to be discussed. These crucial points must be discussed so that brings the main point into limelight this focusing on the key aspects of the topic.

3.Thesis statement: All the article reviews must include thesis statement which will allow to brief up the main idea in a few sentences. Thesis statement is one such component which will help in building link to other section of the write-up.

4.Evidence/support statements: A critique is an evaluative point made on the already written write-up. An article review is one such write-up which must be reviewed using evidences and support statements.
Including these statements will help in bringing about the necessary value to it. It is critical enough to source them properly to reputable sources.

5.Bibliography and references: Article reviews are the reviews written by professional or writers with extensive knowledge. Hence they always cite the resources that they have used while writing it. Including bibliography and references also discourages plagiarism.

Steps to write an article review

1.Write the focus point of a review article: There is no proper structure that an article review follows. But it definitely includes certain elements which makes it look organized. The primary thing to do is to focus on the main point that the article has to offer. Reviewing on the article becomes easy when the main idea is brought into broader light.

2.Have an introduction: Once necessary points are collected and the focused point is recorded, they must be organized into a proper structure. The first part of it is the introduction section.
This section must include the sentences which introduces to the topic. Thesis statement as mentioned earlier must be written in this section.

3.Write the main section: The main section must have all the points and the discussions or the reviews on the article. Necessary evaluation and analysis of the topic are to be included in this section.

4.Conclude the article:  The last section of an article review is the conclusion section. This section must synthesize and summarize the important points that were discussed throughout.

5.Cite the article: At the end, a section exclusively must be written to cite or refer the article. These must be the sources which were used while researching for the topic.

Tips to consider while writing an article review

1.To write an article review, focus must be given upon the topic and the way it has been presented.

2.Writing a review in an unbiased manner.

3.Be very sure to proofread the article before it is submitted for publishing.

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