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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

How to write a problem solution essay

How to write an outstanding problem solution essay

Problem solution essay is a type of an expository essay which helps the user to find a solution to a problem.
Whenever any help is required, we always find for multiple options and choose an optimum solution for it. We try to find solution(s) to a problem through internet, books, journals etc. The primary intention of writing a problem solution essay is to convince with the reader with an optimum solution. How to write a problem solution essay? What are the steps included? Follow this article to know more!

Elements of a problem solution essay 

1.Stating the problem: The first step in writing a problem solution essay is to state the problem. Solution can be given only when the problem is understood. Hence defining and analysing a problem becomes necessary.

2.Solution to the problem: The second element of a problem solution essay is to state a solution to the specific problem. Solution must be accurate and convincing so that it clears the problem that a readers has.

3.Convincing write-up: An essay with clear and write-up is required as it will give a solution to a specific  problem.

4.Thesis statement: Thesis statement is a very important element that will enhance the quality of an essay. To make it more reader approachable, thesis statement must be added in the introduction section.

5.Transitional sentences:  Transitional sentences helps in building a link to  the other parts of an essay. Such words, phrases must be added in an essay.
Few of the transitional words are:  Therefore, as a result, for this reason, In conclusion etc. 

Simple steps to write a problem solution essay 

1.Research for a topic: To write an essay, a topic must be decided. A problem solution essay too must have a related topic so that a clear solution can be provided.

2.Prepare an outline:  An outline must be prepared for writing a problem solution essay. An outline is a rough idea of how an essay must look.Check out the link here to know how to form an outline of an essay.

3.Research for information: After a brief outline is created, information for writing the content must be given importance. There are several resources from where information can be collected.

4.Write an introduction: The first section of an essay is the introduction section. Introduction section is a part which introduces a topic and catches reader’s attention. This must not include any explanation but a thesis statement with subtle introduction to it.

5.Include hook statements: Hook statements are the statements which are included in the introduction section. These sentences are written to attract readers to your essay and help in gaining interest towards it.

6.Include body paragraphs: The most important part of an essay is the body section. Body section must include two or more paragraphs which will state the solution(s) to a problem that is specified.

Each paragraph should have transitions so that there is continuity in the flow of information. Transitional sentences must be used to link these paragraphs.

7.Write a conclusion: Conclusion to an essay plays an important role. An effective conclusion which justifies the whole purpose of writing an essay should be written.
By this stage of an essay, the reader must be convinced with the solution that is provided.

Examples topics of problem solution essay

1.How to balance work life and personal life?

2.How to survive being alone in a city?

3.How to achieve optimism?

4.Effects of drinking habit and how to save yourself from it?

5.How to reduce weight? 

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