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Thursday, 30 March 2017

How to write a critical essay

What are the effective ways of writing a critical essay?

What is a critical essay?
An in-depth analysis of a topic often leads to evaluating information, theories, posing questions, facing challenges to write and analyzing theories and its points. These together can be used to write to write a critical essay.
Critical essays must be supported with clear evidence and subordinating points so that the claims that are mentioned can be given the right justification. It requires scientific research and a reputable resource to back up the claim that is produced.

Characteristics of a critical essay:
1.It includes claims which will examine a situation circumstances and brings justice to it by providing proofs and evidence for it.

2.A critical essay can be both positive and negative based on the topic which is chosen.

3.Critical essay is more informative than just expressing opinions.

4.They have strong arguments supported by subordinate points.

5.It is an objective analysis of a topic or a subject which is chosen. Hence in-depth research and critical thinking is required.

6.Critical essay must have arguments which will be subject to both strengths and weakness of a topic that is chosen, hence critical analysis is required to bring out these elements into an essay.

7.Critical essay must have logical flow in it, as the main purpose of writing of writing it. 

Steps to write a critical essay:

1.Choose a topic: Such topic must be chosen which can be reviewed, evaluated so that it can be critically analysed. Being critical does not always mean to criticize, topics with both positive and negative approach can be chosen.

 2.Research for the topic: To write a critical essay, it is important to research on the particular topic. There are multiple reputable sources which can be used as resources.
The researched content must be critically read so that content can be formed accordingly.

3.Collect facts: Based on the information collected, they must now be analysed critically bringing important points on the front. Authors and the reputable sources must be cited as it is a critique on the original work.

4.Draw an outline: An outline must be presented before it could be written. Outlining allows in simplifying the process of writing an essay. Usually an outline contains an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section.

5.Writing the main content: Once an outline is created, there must be a background provided to the information. Each section which is divided must be sufficiently written with enough arguments and critical analysis to it.

 6.Introduction section: An introduction section must contain content which introduces an essay along with thesis statement.
It is a section which must not be elaborated but subtly providing information and engaging readers with the hook statements which should create interest for further reading.

7.Body section:  A body section is a section where the important and most critical content lies. It must have all the necessary arguments and supportive points so that topic which is being critiqued can be given the justification.
Body section must be divided into different paragraphs so that each paragraph can have its own arguments and supportive points. It is important to remember that weak claims or lame opinions are not encouraged to write.

8.Conclusion:  When the central idea of a topic is discussed and brought successfully, a conclusion section must highlight whole purpose of an essay at one go.
It must contain information which will broaden the idea about the topic which is being discussed. Care must be taken not to restate the thesis statement or an introduction section but synthesize it in a few sentences.

These are the steps through which a crtical essay can be written

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