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Monday, 27 March 2017

How to write an evaluative essay

What are the steps to write an evaluative essay?

We as customers often go by reviews and feedbacks before purchasing something. Reviews have the power to change user’s mind into buying it or diminishing itself.

These kinds of writings that we find are usually called as evaluative essay. As they include judgment on the basis of an object hence are called evaluative essays.

Another example of evaluative essays are the surveys, polls and the questions which provoke readers to decide on something which is being discussed. 

Characteristics of an evaluative essay

1.Should be specific:  Evaluative essay must always be specific. Evaluations while writing a review, for example must stand to the point on which an opinion is formed. Deviating or cross opinions about the evaluation produced will lead to a weak essay.   

2.Should form an opinion: As said above, when evaluations are drawn, there must opinions formed mandatorily. This will help the readers in standing by what is written thus provoking feed thoughts about it. 

3.It must evaluate something:  As the name suggests an evaluative essay must evaluate something which will make it an interesting essay.

4.To turn an opinion into evaluation, criteria is required: To make it more realistic, these evaluations which are drawn and created should be provided with criteria.

Steps to write an evaluative essay

1.Choose a topic: To start writing an evaluative essay, a topic must be chosen which is evaluative so that it can be evaluated properly.

2.Prepare an outline for the essay: Once a topic is chosen to write, then an outline must be created to bring up a shape to it. Outlining is nothing but preparing a basic plan for writing the essay further.

3.Research for the points which should be convincing: Researching for the topic is very much important as it is the main source of content to be written.

4.Thesis statement: Evaluative essay must formulate a certain opinion which must last till the essay finishes and even after that. To do this, a thesis statement must be created.

This thesis statement which is created must bind the whole essay together hence it is crucial to add thesis statement which also acts as an evaluative statement. 

5.Evidence is required: when something is being evaluated, an evidence is most required which will help in providing enough proof for the point that is to be proved.

6.Inclusion of elements to form a structure: The above mentioned elements must be included in a structure which normally includes introduction, body, and conclusion. This will to good quality essay.

7.Introduction section: This section must contain a thesis statement which should be well-connected to a body section. Introductory paragraph usually contains a subtle start which will then continued by a hook statement.

8.Body section: This section must be continued after an introductory statement, which will have transitional statement. Body section should have arguments which will support the evaluations that are presented.

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