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Thursday, 23 March 2017

How to write an essay draft?

What is drafting and how to draft an essay? 

Drafting is a piece of writing which helps in completing an essay. It is a rough work that leads to a final draft or an essay. It is very important to formulate an essay by drafting it first which will help in defining the content in a better manner. Keywords or main words must be used which can then be expanded further.

Drafting an essay is all about putting ideas on to the plate and writing them accordingly. This draft, later on, can be revised by filtering out the necessary information. Here it is to be noted that the rough piece of work has to be written which is subject to change.

Important elements required while writing the first draft

1.Listing out ideas for writing: The first element that needs to be considered while drafting an essay is to list out ideas so that those ideas can be further developed as a final draft. Rough ideas can lead to a complete write-up.

2.Thesis statement: This is one of the important elements which will help in building an essay. Thesis statements are the statements which engage the readers to continue reading the essay and producing content which should be presentable enough.

3.Hook statements: To hook the reader to an essay, hook statements must be included. These statements must be included in the introduction section which should grab reader’s attention thus making it an important element.

4.Introduction section: When a draft for an essay is being crafted, it must be divided into three parts namely, an  introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section.

Introduction section must have information presented in a subtle manner. This section must give readers the interest to read further by giving little information to the topic which is being written.  

5.Body section: The second part of the division of a draft is a body section. The body section of an essay must contain important “meat” of content. All the necessary information that is intended to provide must be present here.

6.Conclusion: The last part of an essay is the conclusion section which is critical enough to end it. Conclusion section must give justification to the content that is present. It is important to understand that opinion that is formed in the whole must be upheld by the conclusion with even more strength added to it. 

6 simple steps to draft an essay

1.Plan on what has to be written: Before writing a draft an essay,  there must be a plan to write it. Thus necessary elements as mentioned above must be outlined before they are written.

2.Divide the draft into introduction, body and a conclusion section: Once all the materials, elements which are required to write a draft are present, they must be now divided into parts to write them easily.
A draft must be divided into an introduction section, a body section,and a conclusion section. This will help in building logic and a flow in the essay.

3.Insert thesis statement: Inserting thesis statement in the introductory part which will engage the reader to hook on to continue reading.

4.Include a body section:  Body section must be included which will have major information filled in it. This must have necessary elements while it is written such as arguments, its supporting points, references for reputable sources and suitable cohesive points.

5.Logical flow: There must be logical flow within an essay which is divided into section. Each section must have transitions so that there is a smooth flow.

6.Importance for the conclusion: Conclusion must be drafted at last which will have a huge impact on the readers. Opinion which is formed in an essay must continue till it ends that is in the conclusion section. 

Things to avoid while drafting

1.Do not try write an essay like a final version. Try writing a draft which can be molded according to the information filled.

2.Do not focus on the grammar and sentence structure as they can be revised while re-drafting.

3.Detailing is not required here as it can be included it is revised

These are few of the tips that should be taken into consideration while drafting an essay

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