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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Is buying essay online illegal?

Is it wrong to buy essays online? 

The internet has changed the way people used to communicate. From shopping to dealing with business; now everything is online.

Demand for buying essays online has also increased the speed of the internet. With the fine line between cheating and taking help, a question mark appears if it is illegal to buy essays?

Why buying essays online is not considered illegal

The main concern for any essay that is to be submitted in any university is the originality. It is treated as plagiarism if it harms the rules of uniqueness.

     1. It is not illegal to buy essays online because students are paying for the content that is being written. Therefore they have complete rights on the write up that is being written for them.

2.It becomes plagiarism if the work is copied from somewhere or stolen from somebody. Here the essays are bought .Hence there is no question of illegal activity of buying an essay.

When the service is to be used as a reference and not the final work:
According to the policy mentioned by the essay writing service, it becomes necessary to understand that the work that is bought by the students is to be used by them as a reference.
But most of the students fail to understand this and submit the work as the final draft, hence leading to plagiarism. It is encouraged and urged to use them for further reading process and creating their own work.

It is not cheating to take help from professionals:
Everybody seeks for help from somebody who is more experienced and skilled in the particular field. In essay writing service too, students are being helped to write better essays.
There is an option to revise the work, where the student with the writer amends the draft for the better purpose. This not only lets the student learn from it, but also teaches to write them better.

The afterwards of the essay being sold:
It is a responsibility of the essay writing services to submit the work to the student with complete perfection. Once the assignment is given, it becomes the student’s responsibility to use it properly.

It becomes illegal if the same work is submitted to other clients as a subject to plagiarism.

Maximum benefit for secondary language speakers:
English being a global language, it is important to learn it. It becomes difficult for the non native students. For such students, essay writing services are a boon. They help in completing their assignments assisting them with using proper words. The whole purpose of it is to help them good knowledge on the subject and pass with good grades.
It is illegal if the whole work is submitted as theirs; instead it must be used only as a reference for final work to be submitted.
Adhering to confidentiality:
Owing to confidentiality policy, the client’s information is not revealed anywhere by the particular websites.
It becomes illegal if any information related to the students (such as their name, place and the essays that they have ordered)is leaked to third party.

Improves the writing skills:
The essay writing services help the students in providing the material to complete their assignments. This guideline only increases the ability of the students to increase their writing skills.
It completely becomes the responsibility of the students to use them adhering to rules and not use them for their final submission.

Considering these valid points it is ethical to use the essay writing services. The only thing which is of top concern is the right use of the service that is being offered. 

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