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Friday, 21 April 2017

How to write a formal essay

What are the simple ways to write a formal essay?

Essay is a piece of writing which is used to express opinions and thoughts. There are types of essays which includes various subjects and various topics. One such type is a formal essay.

What is a formal essay?
Formal essay is a type of essay which deals with writing facts, statistics rather than revealing personal experience. It is also known as academic writing.

These kinds of essays are usually given as assignments and project submissions. Formal essays tend to focus on a particular theme or an idea. How to write a formal essay? What are the best elements that must be included in it to make it the best essay? Here is an article that follows some best tips on writing a formal essay.

Best tips to write a formal essay

1.Avoid the use of informal words: The first step to write the best formal essay is to avoid using informal words. Informal words are the words which are used in essay which include personal experiences, anecdotes and other descriptive elements.
Follow this link which will help you in identifying some of the common essay terms that can be utilized while writing.

2.Avoid using contractions: Another characteristic of a formal essay is that it avoids the use of contractions.
Contractions are the words which are shortened version of a word which are used while writing commonly. Words such as should not, cannot, will not are contracted to shouldn’t, can’t, won’t. This practise of avoiding contractions will hamper the quality of the essay. It is considered formal avoid such contractions.

3.Inclusion of arguments:  Arguments are the most important element of an essay. They provide support to the facts and information that are presented. Arguments are included in the body section of an essay.
Arguments are the sentences which are the extension of the thesis statement which further has subordinating points to confer to the topic being discussed. It is essential to have strong arguments so that it uplifts the quality of an essay.

4.Use of vocabulary:  As discussed above, formal essay must have the use of carefully chosen words. Words can be used referring to thesaurus and dictionaries. Care must be taken not to use overrated words as it might make the essay complex to understand.

5.Use of thesis statement: Another important element of a formal essay is the thesis statement. Thesis statement is a statement which builds link between sections of essay.
It must be included in introduction section which should be continued in rest of the sections. These are like anchors which hold on to the ship. The whole essay must be tied together using thesis statement.

6.Use of transitional words and sentences: There are set of transitional words and sentences which connects each section together. These words must be included in the formal essay.
It is necessary to add them so that the connectivity that flows throughout the essay remains intact. Hence careful words must be chosen to build link.

7.Writing must be simple to understand:  It is misconception that using high-end English language will glorify their essay. But the fact is that people tend to read the complete write-ups which are written using simple language. It is advised to use language which is simple and easy to understand.

8.Have a structure to your essay: An essay is complete only when it is written in a systematic format. Every essay follows a format which must be adhered. Similarly a formal essay includes an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section.

9.Express without being biased:  It is important to express facts and statistics in a formal essay without being biased.

10.Write in a standard formatting style: There are standard formatting styles such as APA,MLA, and Harvard. These must be well utilized as it organizes the essay in a proper format. All colleges and universities accept the papers which follow specific formatting style.

11.Refer to reputable sources: Academic writing includes information from reputable resources. These reputable resources must be referred to as it is a good practise of keeping records as well avoiding plagiarism.

12.Include topic sentence: A topicsentence is an introductory line that start in every paragraph. These sentences must be included in a formal essay so that it makes the essay more readable.

13.Create an outline for the essay: Perhaps considered as achieving a milestone, an essay cannot be completed without creating an outline.
Creating an outline will help in building the essay in a proper way. Before writing the essay, it is necessary to build an outline thus making it easier to construct it.

14.Edit the essay: Once an essay is written, it must be edited. Editing is a stage of writing where additional information is added and unnecessary sentences and content are discarded.

15.Proofread the essay: The last stage of essay writing is the proofreading stage. This stage is significant as it involves correcting the essay for any minor or silly error which can cause an essay a great damage.

These are few of the tips assembled on how to write a formal essay 

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