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Monday, 17 April 2017

How to write a book review

How to write a book review in easy steps?

What is a book review?
Most of the bibliophiles tend to read a book review first than reading the book. This practice should be well considered as the book review has all the necessary elements that will help in knowing about the book. Further book review helps in deciding whether to read the book or not.
The main reason of writing a book review is that it analyzes, evaluates and describes the content of a book chosen to review.
Writing a book review will help in having an insight on what you think about the book and the opinion that you have. It is important to present the author’s argument in a right manner while writing a book review.

What is the need of a book review?
1.It improves the writing skills.

2.It improves analytical skills and critical thinking.

3.Writing a reviews  will help in knowing the gist of the book.

Having said this, it is very necessary to write an optimum quality book review. How to write a book review in easy steps? Below are the steps that must be followed while writing a book review.

10 Simple tips to write a book review

1.Read the book critically: Before writing a book review, it is important to understand what the book is about. A book cannot be judged without reading it. Hence, the book that is chosen for writing must be critically read simultaneously noting down the entire important elements that it has.

2.Introduce the book  with an introduction: To begin the write-up, it must start with an introduction. Introduction section must start with catchy lines or hook statements. This section is primarily written in order to induce interest towards the book review.

3.Mention the good parts of the book: A review always consists of both good side and bad side. These must be mentioned without being biased. You must always remember to mention the good parts of the book and how it made an impact on the overall content of it.

4.Mention the bad parts of the book: There might be some bad parts in a book that you did not like. They must be mentioned too. This way, it lets the readers decide whether to give it a read or miss it.

5.Giving ratings to the book: The best way to review a book is to rate it. Rating allows in having a fair idea about the book, it is a common trait of a book review which must be included every time you write one.

6.Describe the theme of the book and its essence: There are few of the book reviews which stand out from others. The possible reason is that they include theme and essence of the book being reviewed.
This will have a huge impact on the readers and makes it easier for them to know more about it.

7.Comment on the writing style: Every writer has different writing style. It is worth every penny if the writing style can be identified (with practise of writing and critical reading, it is easy to identify the different approach towards writing). The identified writing style must be evaluated.

8.Start with few sentences about the book: As mentioned above, every book review must start with what the book is about and why did you choose to review it.

9.Write about the book in the body section: The body section of a book review must have the mention of what is the book about, how well it has been written, why should it be read and other important points among others.

10.Conclude with a conclusion: The last part of a piece of writing is the conclusion section. This section is important to wrap it up. Summarizing is always regarded to be the critical part which must be done with responsibility and clarity.

Things to be considered while writing a book review

1.It must be evaluative and analytical that it should recommend people to read it.

2.The length of the book review must be between 100-500 words.

3.Have a catchy title to attract readers.

4.It should not reveal the whole story, else readers will tend to miss the read as they will lose the interest in reading the book.

5.If it is a fiction work, the characters and the mainstream of the book must be discussed so that it will create interest.

6.You must present a strong and honest opinion about the book, what you liked, what you disliked about the book.

7.Proofread your book review twice or thrice to make sure it has no errors.

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