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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Study tips for college students

Study tips to score high in the term exam

Finished with school and now it’s time to go to college! It is a big thing and a big step towards your future life.

It surely makes way for new challenges and you get to experience new things in life.

Chances are that these new things can make all hell break loose or bring in lots of joy and peace.

When it comes to college, the studying pattern changes and the way you study also differs. The environment differs too.  How to cope up with these? Here are few tips on how to study:

15 easy study tips for college students to follow while studying:

1.Gather interest to study: Writing exams should not only limit to gain marks; it must carry a deep knowledge further and help in future endeavors. So gathering interest for studying is very much important.

2.Relying on the internet for extra learning:  The 21st century is progressing with so many materials available online to study. Students must take this opportunity to learn with vivid options they have.

3.Making notes while listening to class: Don’t expect the teachers(oh wait! They are called lecturers in colleges) to spoon feed you like they used to in school. Here classes are held providing no notes. It completely depends on the students to make notes or brief points and later use them to study.

4.Studying late night won’t help much: It is a bad strategy used by students to wake up till late night and study. This varies the sleep behavior and topples the exam preparation for the next day. A good night’s sleep is very much in need when there are exams in the corner. Proper sleep at night the day before the exam reduces stress. 

5.Fix a study place to study: It often happens that change of place might disturb the study pattern. Fixing a study place to study regularly will be helpful in the long term. 

6.Take tests:  Regular self-assessments will help you to prepare well. These tests should be a review of what is yet to be studied and measures on how to study them.

7.Scheduling the time after college:  College isn’t always about studies, exam and classes. Making some time for yourself in between the hectic schedule is more important.

Take some time from the busy timings to meet your old friends or learn a new hobby that you always adored. Spend quality time family or watch TV. It could be anything.

8.Don’t let stress cram your head:  Doing some physical exercise, meditating or relaxing can reduce the stress. The stress can be for any reason, but don’t let the reason hog your mind unnecessarily. 

9.Let the learning continue: Learning knows no end and continues till you continue. To learn new things every day, meet people from your college, discuss with your friends the things that you have learnt. Impart some of the valuable things that you have learned.

10.Teach others: We grow when we learn and we learn when we grow. Teaching others will boost confidence in you and welcoming other’s insight on the topic gives a chance to learn more and rectify where you have gone wrong.

11.Studying bit by bit:  The syllabus that is to be completed should be broken down into chunks and concentrating on those little chunks.  This will help you to focus on one thing at a time and studying becomes much easier with this. At the whole once you finish with the chunks you’ve read, combine them and revise at last.

12.Keep in touch with the subject and ongoing topics:  The only better you can get is to link the previous topic’s knowledge with the current being taught. So to be in regular touch with what the teacher has taught and what you have learned, there must be a balance in between them.

13.Pre plan a week’s routine before hand to stay away from last moment panic: You must make a time table on what to study and how to study. These must be planned well in advance to make any changes in emergency cases.   

14.Keep reading aloud to remember accurately: Some subjects need memorization and it has been proved that the words which are read aloud are often memorized quickly and also stays in mind for a longer time. Writing them later on also is an effective way to study.

15.Place sticky notes around the house or room: Some of the subjects require remembering important dates, formulae, any difficult word. Chances are that you tend to forget them. Write them down on a sticky note and paste it around whenever you frequently stay. Looking at those will help you in remembering them.

These are few of the tips that can be used while studying to score high in the coming term exam. 

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