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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Tips for preparing for the SAT exam:

How to prepare for SAT exam to score high? 

SAT (scholastic aptitude test) is a test conducted for an entrance into undergraduate college. It is a crucial test, to prepare for getting into the college. The exams are conducted seven times in a year.
We know how stressed it gets to crack the exam, especially if it is a test that is taken by the students all over the world.

The SAT test comprises of three sections: reading, math,and writing; each being important, they together sum up to 2400.Scoring well in each section will help in getting better college.

15 ultimate tips on cracking the SAT exam:

1.Taking practice tests: It is undoubtedly one of the important tips that can be given without any saying. There are numerous online resources available to practice on the test.

2.Collegeboard: It is a not for profit organization that conducts the SAT exam. They have the tips, resources and several other materials required on how to study and score in the exam. They also have the study guides to help for the SAT preparation

3.Memorizing formulae: The exam consists of 3 sections, math being one of them; don’t forget to memorize the rules and formulas.They are helpful in solving algebraic and arithmetic problems.

4.Stick to using shortcuts: While preparing, set your own shortcut tricks which will help in solving the problem in lesser time.

5.Prefer doing mental math:  The revised SAT exams have the restricted use of a calculator; hence mental maths would be helpful. Practice math a bit early during the preparation time.

6.For English grammar: Learn new words, learn their meaning, synonym, how they are spelled.

7.Khan academy: Visit khan academy for the resources to prepare.They are the leading website that provides online recourses and all other materials necessary for preparation.

8.Writing essays: Practice writing essays as much as possible.They help during the exam as the essay section is given 50 minutes of time to complete.

9.Skip them:  Skip the questions which are tough, they can be tackled later on. Try attempting the ones which are easier.

10.No negative marking:  There are no negative marking hence, all questions can be attempted without the fear of marks getting deducted.

11.Confidence: Preparation for the exam is well enough very important but keeping up the confidence is more important than anything.

12.Always remember: Using #2 pencils are important. These the strict rules that must be adhered to.

13.Attempting the essay writing:  According to the revised SAT exam, essay writing is optional but is suggested to take in order to score higher.

14.Keep enough time: You must keep enough time at last during the test to review the already written answers. It is very much necessary to go through the answers and check them for any follies committed earlier. 

15.Double check them: The answers must be double checked in order to make sure that the test that you have given is according to the preparation that has been made. 

These are few of the tips that can be useful while preparing for SAT exam.

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