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Monday, 6 February 2017

Tips to improve writing skills

What are the best ways of improving essay writing skills? 

Though writing is an art, it is not necessary to be a born writer. It only takes practice and some proven formulas to improve the writing skills. A professional writer was not born in a day; it took a whole lot of hard work, constant practice and the intuitive mind to become one.

If you are dreaming of becoming the next best writer or just have an interest to jot something down, here are few tips collaborated to improve your writing skills.

15 ultimate tips to write the best essay

1.Read: This is like a potion from Harry Potter series which creates magic in your writing. It has been proved that the more the person reads, the more the mind develops. It lets the person think more thus making way to have more ideas for writing.

2.Keep the write up simple straight and direct:  People assume that including complex words or lengthy words may glow up their writing. But the secret to good writing is keeping it simple, direct and something which is less hard to understand.

3.Writing and rewriting: Editing and rewriting is a part and parcel of writing. A good writer is one who edits, re-edits the work until it doesn’t form an appropriate meaning.

4.Get to know the difference: Various medium adopts various styles to express their opinions. The writing style of newspaper varies from that of a magazine. Books have their own way of saying. Read them and get to know the difference and try to adopt them in your writing.

5.Dig out ideas: Inspiration can come from anywhere; brainstorming is key to dig ideas or something that you see on a road, a beautiful object you notice while sipping a cup of coffee. When you notice something, try to note it down on a piece of paper and start writing on them.

6.Start from small; grow big: Tiny steps leads to a wider path. The interest tends to lessen when you try to catch big things. Try starting from scratch.  For example to start reading, take up a short story then gradually with pace start reading novels. This is how it works for writing too. 

7.Add a touch of grammar: What goes well without saying is the properly structured, correct and grammar and well-punctuated sentences. Learn the basics of grammar if you a newbie or brush up those grammar skills to get the writing right.

8.Spell checking for that perfect writing:  Once written, it is mandatory to check for any spelling mistakes, any phrasal errors. Thus it makes way for better writing.

9.Be passionate:  The primary thing which cannot be avoided is the having the true passion for writing and an immense interest to learn new every day.

10.Taking the advice:  It is a better option to take advice from professional writers which let you improve on the things where you went wrong and can learn new styles and new ways of writing.

11.Ask more questions:  This is easily one of the ways to improve writing. Start asking questions on question and answer site like quora and on social networking sites like facebook. The answers will let you know about how writing styles can differ. You can also ask somebody to write on a piece of paper which will help too.

12.Download applications on a smartphone:  Technology has improved with times. Now many wonderful applications are teaching people how to speak, how to write and have a library of words to learn from. Thanks to technology.

13.Working on different genres:  Writing skills improve only when you know how to write for different genres. A different approach for varied styles requires patience, practice and the knack to write.

14.Doing online courses:  There are a number of free online courses available online to enhance the writing. They are offered from big universities such as oxford, Arizona and others. Though they don’t teach you how to write, but definitely these courses are worth to learn and explore more of writing.

15.Don’t be afraid to experiment in writing:  You just have to put on your thinking cap and write more. Experimenting in writing doesn’t harm; it only increases creativity.

These are the small but neat tricks to make yourself a better writer as the days pass by. The only rule in writing which never dies is to keep practicing. Practicing is eternal.

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